The Big Blue


Fiona Finden: Fiddle / Vocal

Rue Porritt: Acoustic Bass / Vocal

Dan Ward: Percussion

Stuart Finden: Mandolin / Vocal

Fi & Stu Finden swap their horns for fiddle and mandolin respectively. The Big Blue is a project in which they are joined by Rue Porritt, Jazz & Rock bassist and singer, and Dan Ward percussion & drums with Whapweasel in a band that plays traditional and contemporary folk music.

The Big Blue was kicked off by Fi's presence as student of Folk & Traditional music at Newcastle University, exploring the musics of the British Isles with vocal & instrumental arrangement by the band.

Our experience of the driving horns and riffage of Whapweasel, (radio 2 folk award winners 2005), have informed the music of The Big Blue.

The music is an evolving expression of an evolving tradition.

Watch this space